SLx 27884K 48 Element Digital TV Aerial Kit

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SLx 27884K 48 Element Digital TV Aerial Kit

High Gain Wideband 48 Element SLx Digital Aerial With Fixing Kit – suitable for all UK TV reception areas

Box Contains
CAI Benchmarked 48 Element wideband SLx Digital Aerial
Fixing kit includes 1x Tilting aerial clamp,
1x L cranked pole, 1x Pole mounting bracket, 10m Digital coax cable and clips, 1x Coax plug
13dBd Gain

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Excellent indoor/loft aerial,

Bought this on the strength of other reviews and have not been dissapointed.
Just a few pointers for anyone purchasing this aerial in terms of set up and installation :-

1) This has a fixing kit included and contains everything needed for loft installation only
2) I would advise assembling this aerial prior to entering your loft space if your loft is small as some assembly elements can be a bit fidley at the best of times ( I set up an ironing board and assembled it on this :-)
3) Put the reflector bit on last, i found i couldn’t get it through my loft hatch with the reflector on, this is an easy bit and will take a minute and will be easy to put on once in the loft.
4) I would suggest purchasing a signal meter which enabled me to find an even stronger signal than that set up by a previous professional aerial installer
5) Do your homework on freeview and transmitters in your area and ensure you set the aerial in the correct alignment i.e. horizonal/vertical depending on which transmitter you are pointing towards.
6) In my case i had an old analogue aerial running on my freeview television, the signal on BBC1 and BBC2 on my old analogue aerial was reading 16% and 19% respectively, with this new digital aerial and slightly different positioning based on signal meter reading i got 76% and 79% signal strength with no breakup ocuring since the new installtion, the rest of the channels read the same or slightly better.
7) When checking my area for freeview signal on the official freeview site, i found i was in a very low signal strength area, this aerial has sorted all my needs :-)

Overall i would highly recommed this aerial, the instructions included require a bit of common sense but nothing overly complicated and is easy to assemble with a star/phillips screwdriver, as i mentioned above the whole kit is included !! It states on the box that this aerial is for strong/medium and low strength areas, i can confirm that mine is very low and still got a reading of 80% on the signal meter.

Buy it now!!!

Digital TV Aerial Kit,

Very Pleased with it All,
The price, The Aerial Kit, And the Speed it was Delivered, Also very easy to assemble.

good product,

this tv aerial works very well in my loft.the only reason I gave it three stars is the dipole was missing in the package so after contacting the seller, got it delivered promptly.

SLx 27884K 48 Element Digital TV Aerial Kit
SLx 27884K 48 Element Digital TV Aerial Kit


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